Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mercury Retrogrades Until April 4

Now that we have passed the first week of Mercury retrograde, how are you all doing? Mercury retrogrades through the signs of Aries and Pisces during this 3-week period. The signs most affected, besides Aries and Pisces, will be the cardinal signs of Libra, Cancer and Capricorn and the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini. Compounding this year's Mercury retrograde is an ongoing Mars retrograde in Virgo until April 14. So Virgos (and the other mutable signs) are doubly affected. All of us will more likely experience slow downs, glitches or various communication misunderstandings during this period. However, it is good to remember that the real purpose for retrograde periods is so we can turn inward, re-evaluate and become more conscious about our intentions and actions in the world.

Already I have heard of two accidents that have occurred to a Virgo and a Gemini during this retrograde period. The Virgo woman fell down in her apartment and her right arm got pulled out of its socket. She has been laid up with her arm in a sling, unable to drive. The Gemini woman ate an egg that was too hot, and when it popped she got blisters on her lips. This was just before a major trip. These accidents both happened partly because these ladies were in a rush to do something. During this period, it is important to slow way down and only do one-half of your normal daily routine.

Slowing down is especially crucial when Mercury is in the most impatient sign of Aries from March 3-23. We have also seen acts of heroism and courage (Aries) too, such as the mother who protected her children from a tornado, but lost both her feet. A positive use of Mercury in Aries is trying out new ideas and non-risky activities. On March 24, Mercury enters Pisces until April 16, which is the sign of going with the flow and is more patient and laid back. This will be a good period for introspective inner work, such as meditation, visualization, journal writing, or just getting caught up with reading/research.

There is a very good article about Mercury Retrograde in Horoscope Magazine for March, entitled "Mercury Retrograde: Retreat or Rejuvenate," by Sister Ray. She says that some rules to follow during this period include: Reflect, Read, Refresh, Review, Redirect, Repair and Rejuvenate. Then she goes on to write about how each sign will respond to Mercury retrograde. In general, any activity that begins with the prefix "re" is considered a good one for this period. This would be a wonderful time for going to a retreat, where one can release, relax and renew. Often one can hear from old friends and partners during this period, or a past unresolved situation can resurface along with a new approach. Even a missing object can suddenly reappear during this time!

We only have 2 more weeks to go! Hang in there, slow down and redirect your energies to flow better. Happy Spring Equinox!

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