Sunday, May 30, 2010

My New Astrology Blog

Hello and welcome to my new astrology blog! This was easy to set up, so I will begin with this format and see what happens. Stay tuned for the June Astrology Report to be sent out and posted soon.

I will also be posting about current events and people in the news if I see an interesting connection to either their natal chart or present planetary cycles. To begin with, Neptune rules oil and here we are at the beginning of a critical Neptune station with a serious oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. I will be writing more about this situation in the days to come.

Also see my Eclipse Special to find out how these powerful cosmic events will affect your life in the intense months to come. These eclipses create sensitive points in everyone's chart that are especially potent if they are aligned with a natal planet, especially a personal planet like the sun, moon, Venus, Mercury or Mars.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Stay tuned.