Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Highly Sensitive Persons -- Are You One?

With the last Solar Eclipse in watery Cancer and Neptune heading towards mystical Pisces, it seems timely to write about high sensitivity. If other people's moods affect you, if you are aware of subtleties in your environment or are easily overwhelmed, then you may be a highly sensitive person (or HSP). HSPs make up about 15-20% of the population, according to Elaine Aron, a psychologist who has written several books on this subject. You can take the test on her website to find out if you fall in this category. I think her website is www.hsperson.com or you can google her name. Finding out that I am an HSP really changed my life. Just knowing that there were other folks who were as sensitive as I am gave me great hope and still does.

A natal chart featuring a prominent Neptune or many water signs may be a likely candidate for this trait. I can usually make a fairly good guess upon meeting someone and seeing their chart if they are likely to have this trait. It does present challenges to be an HSP in our world, but there are ways to work with the difficulties and also to be able to appreciate the many talents and gifts of being an HSP. HSPs resonate well with alternative and energy therapies, such as homeopathy, flower essences, yoga, reiki, polarity healing, etc. As the earth's frequencies intensify, I think that there will be even more HSPs in the near future.