Thursday, April 2, 2015

Amanda Knox is Released by Neptune Grand Trine

After many reversals, Amanda Knox finally received a not guilty verdict from Italy's highest court last Friday, March 27.  This signified the end of a long eight-year battle that included a four-year imprisonment in Perugia, Italy. Since this was the same court that previously found Amanda guilty, this was quite an unexpected ruling, though it brought a great relief to Amanda and her family.

A look at Amanda's current planetary cycles reveals what led to this unexpected good fortune.  Venus, one of the benefic planets in astrology, is now very prominent in Amanda's progressed chart. This indicates winning love and compassion from others. She is now seen in a new, more favorable light by the public. Her chart features a transiting nodal conjunction in Libra, the sign of relationships, along with a Sun/Moon alignment. Amanda has also become engaged to a former childhood friend. The April 4 lunar eclipse was aligned with Amanda's Libra South Node.  These cycles all indicate that Amanda is in a significant turning point in her life.

Amanda's natal Sun in Cancer also received challenging aspects from the transiting Uranus/Pluto square, which made its last exact aspect a few weeks ago. This aspect, which began in 2012, likely prevented Amanda from winning her freedom until now. However, I believe it was transiting Neptune in Pisces that made her good fortune a reality.  Neptune made a favorable water grand trine with Amanda's Mercury/Venus and Pluto(Scorpio), which brought the grace that led to her finally being exonerated.  This spiritual aspect also shows that a lot of people believed in Amanda's innocence, and were supporting and praying for her.  This support was powerful enough to strengthen the more subtle Neptune energy. In addition, transiting Jupiter conjunct Amanda's progressed Sun in her 4th house also brought an expansion of her good fortune.  The tide was definitely in her favor. 

Finally, I looked at Amanda's astrolocality lines for Italy. The town of Perugia, IT is near Amanda's Chiron and Uranus latitude lines.  Uranus can bring sudden, chaotic changes, which was certainly the case for her stay there.  Chiron is known as the wounded healer.  Amanda's life will certainly never be the same because of her imprisonment.  She is said to want to return to Italy to write a book about Italy's legal system.  This could be a way for her to return to the scene of her woundedness as an act of bringing healing and wholeness back into her life.