Friday, December 9, 2011

Uranus Direct Activates US Chart, OWS Movement

Uranus, the planet of change and upheaval, goes direct tonight at 11:05 PM, PST. This station occurs on the 4th house of the US Sibley chart, which rules our inner and outer foundations of security. Planetary themes usually become stronger when planets station. Uranus rules the theme of revolutionary change, which is demonstrated now by the Occupy Wall Street movement. It looks likely that there may be some stronger changes/shifts within OWS in the next few days or the coming week.

OWS, which began on September 17, 2011, can clearly be seen in the US chart. The OWS natal Uranus is strongly placed in this chart, which shows its potential for a real transformation in the foundation of our country. Uranus stands for equality, brotherhood and independence of expression. A challenging alignment with Pluto over the next three years will certainly bring a change of power dynamics. Pluto in square aspect to the OWS Venus shows a transformation of social values, along with the US financial system.

The US is now in its Saturn return cycle, which happens every 29-30 years. This is a time filled with change, as older outgrown structures are thrown out and replaced with ones that are more in alignment with our new values. The Saturn alignment with Juno and Venus in Libra show that equality is a strong theme in the OWS chart. Mars in the last degree of Cancer shows the strategy of passive resistance, along with a strong expression of solidarity.

What changes are next on the horizon for the OWS movement? Stay tuned, as I think they will show up soon.