Tuesday, November 23, 2010

US Midterm Election Reflects Changing Trends

The US is entering a Saturn Return cycle that will last for the next two years. This signifies a major period of growth and change that occurs every 29-30 years for countries, as well as individuals. Transiting Saturn also forms a first quarter square with the US sun, which means this is a critical "crisis in action" period. We now have the opportunity to make a new statement and turn our country in a more productive direction. Saturn can bring a more conservative trend in politics, along with a more practical, results-oriented focus. The beginnings of this trend can be seen in new grassroots types of movements like the Tea and Coffee parties. Saturn also rules the influence of the past, as shown through a previous California governor (Jerry Brown) being re-elected.

Other transits to the US chart occurring now include Pluto/North Node in Capricorn opposing the US Jupiter in the 2nd/8th house axis. This speaks to the growing influence of corporations and big money in our elections. Our values can play a major role in determining the balance of power. Capricorn favors taking a sustainable approach. Transiting Uranus/Jupiter in a favorable trine aspect to the US Mercury reflects the growing new technology/social media influence. It could also have contributed to more change and upheaval in the recent midterm elections, especially for some long-term incumbents such as Russ Feingold. However this aspect can bring more progressive ideas and individuals to the forefront.

The Election Chart for November 2 shows Uranus/Jupiter opposite the moon (the public). Citizens were ready to vote for change, but perhaps without too much discernment. Will the new congress person bring favorable change after all and at what cost? The Neptune/Mercury square likely brought confusion, delusion and deceptive communications.

The Republican and Democratic party charts also reflect similar trends. The Republican chart shows transiting Uranus/Jupiter aligned with Mercury. This brings a unique, inventive approach to communications. A recent example is Sarah Palin inventing (Uranus) the new word "refudiate" that actually ended up in some dictionary, along with her books and reality shows. However, there can also be reactive speech or communication upsets under this influence. The Democratic party chart is being influenced by transiting Neptune conjunct the moon and square Mercury. A lack of effective messaging has plagued the Democrats this year, which also added more confusion and misunderstanding to midterm voters. This aspect is also reflected in the recent scandal with Charlie Rangel and Obama's tax breaks that were never announced.

Perhaps some of my readers can think of other examples for the above trends?