Saturday, July 7, 2012

Uranus/Pluto in the News: Obamacare Upheld

    Last week the Uranus/Pluto square was exact at 8 Capricorn on June 29, sending waves of change throughout the world.  On June 29, 2012, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was upheld in a 5-4 decision by the US Supreme Court, with conservative Justice John Roberts making a surprise vote in favor of the Act.  
      The Affordable Care Act was first passed on March 23, 2010, giving it a remarkable chart with Aries sun, Cancer rising and Cancer moon.  The Cancer moon is only three degrees from the ascendant, which suggests the main focus is to benefit families, women and children.  The Sun is aligned with Uranus, and both form a cardinal grand cross pattern with Saturn and the Moon/Pluto opposition. This dynamic pattern describes the controversial nature of this Act.       
     When the Act was upheld last month, transiting Uranus was aligned with the Act chart's Mercury and made a t-square aspect with the Moon/Pluto opposition, giving this decision a dynamic flavor of rebellion. Justice John Roberts' vote was a definite surprise to many. Though he is a conservative, he is also an Aquarian who has stated that he votes according to his own conscience and not down party lines. On the day of this vote, transiting Uranus was exactly conjunct his Mars in Aries, which means he was motivated to take a sudden, surprising action in expression of his own individual beliefs. Mars in Aries is very independent and can be rebellious as well.
         The Act's Pisces MC describes the disadvantaged population who will benefit, but it also suggests there are hidden elements, both favorable and unfavorable.  Many do not know exactly what the Act entails and how they will benefit. There also seems to be much disinformation going on about it, especially the economic aspect.  A cardinal grand cross makes this a very dynamic situation that will likely undergo many future changes. Jupiter aligned with the MC means there is much room for growth and expansion.  A strong Saturn in the foundational 4th house suggests that the basic ideas behind this Act are solid and likely here to stay. Many believe that Obamacare is a significant first step towards single payer healthcare for all.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Astrology Report for July

Astrology Report for July
By Dorene Carrel

Astrology Report By Dorene is part of the monthly Planet Alert mailings.

            July is highlighted by intense planetary activity, followed by a calmer period that extends from late July into August.  Both Uranus and Mercury turn retrograde in fire signs within two days of each other. This is followed by active Mars transits setting off the Uranus/Pluto square that occurred in June. Both the new and full moons also strengthen these aspects, which could bring unexpected and volatile changes during these periods.
          We begin this month still under the June lunation in Gemini, opening us to new information sources and need for discrimination. We are also learning how to be more adaptable and flexible, with the increase of rapid changes coming our way.
          The Full Moon occurs on July 3 at 12 Capricorn.  This lunation is aligned with both Pluto and Uranus, which sets up an intense period of dynamic changes during the next few weeks.  Pluto rules death and rebirth, while Capricorn represents the old guard, authority figures and those resistant to change.  Entrenched, unsustainable structures and outworn personal patterns will likely change form at this time. This can set up an intense struggle for power and control, as breakdowns and endings occur both around us and within us. However, cultivating a calm, optimistic perspective helps facilitate a more harmonious rebirth.   
          The Sabian symbols for these lunation degrees seem to echo the power/rebirth themes of Pluto/Uranus: “A hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study; the power of the will in shaping character,” and “a fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence; the subjective quest for ultimates beyond the interplay of life and death processes.”  As we grow and develop new powers and strengths, we are also challenged to act with increased wisdom. 
          Jupiter aligns with the South Node in Gemini during the first half of July, which can cause a mental overreaction to daily events.  We can get too caught up in details, or even misperception, without seeing a broader view (as represented by the North Node in the opposite sign of Sagittarius). On July 3 Mars enters Libra, which motivates us to act with more balance and harmony to achieve our goals.
          On July 12, Uranus turns stationary retrograde at 8 Aries 32.  When planets turn stationary, they increase in strength. During the next five months, we will be looking more closely at life areas that need positive change or an awakening of fuller self-expression.   It would also be  highly favorable to make preparation for increased earth changes during the next week.
          Mercury turns retrograde on July 14 at 12 Leo 33, traveling backward through Leo until August 8.  We can constructively use this cycle to examine where we could take a more creative and courageous approach towards our personal goals.  It is important to avoid taking an arrogant or overly rigid stance that could lead to stalemate situations.  Instead exercise more cooperation and willingness to see and appreciate all viewpoints before taking action.
          Mars and the Sun are often triggers for setting off resulting actions from powerful conjunctions, such as Uranus/Pluto. This week (late June) the solar aspects to this conjunction brought a significant outcome with long-term effects for the US national health care program. Meanwhile, fires rage in Colorado and Florida is overloaded with water, breaking all records.
          On July 17-18, Mars makes a challenging t-square aspect to both Pluto and Uranus. The action of Mars will likely bring sudden change and upheaval to institutions and personal situations, especially those that have been dysfunctional for some time. Individuals with personal planets at 7-8 degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will likely feel the most impact from July 10-25.  This will also likely be the most volatile period in terms of both personal and world events.
          The New Moon occurs on July 18 at 27 Cancer.  This lunation makes a challenging square to Saturn in Libra, which brings up issues connected with personal security, home and family and one’s basic foundations in life.  We may be feeling more protective and cautious about new endeavors this month, also due to the t-square described above.  The Sabian symbol for this degree: “A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes; a confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values,” suggests the Uranus themes of equality and change.
          On July 21, a favorable Jupiter/Uranus aspect brings greater opportunities for prosperity and harmonious connections.  July 22-28 features a series of beneficial Mercury aspects that will favor communications and creativity.
          August will be highlighted by a Blue Moon (two full moons) and Mercury turning direct.  Stay tuned and have a great month!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
          Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience, offering birth chart, transits/progressions and relocation astrology readings.  She is certified in Astrocartography.  For more information, contact Dorene at  Paypal accepted.  Donations also appreciated.

          Check out my astrology blog at for ongoing astrological observations on current events, people, trends, etc.
          All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar. 

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