Friday, March 9, 2012

Dennis Kucinich Loses Re-election Bid on 3/6/12

Dennis Kucinich lost his re-election bid for another term in Congress after serving for six terms in his Ohio district. He was forced to run against another Democrat after his old district was re-sized due to redistricting. Unfortunately this process turned out to favor his competitor. It is tragic that we have lost his strong progressive voice standing up for our rights against corporate interests.

Dennis is a Libra Sun, with Aries rising and Moon in Pisces. This shows him to be very sensitive to equal rights for all, and often taking a feisty lone stand against more conservative forces in his own party. Transiting Pluto over his Capricorn MC at this time suggests that he can likely find another position that would give him an influential platform to express his ideas and work towards his ideals.

Dennis's progressed chart (Solar Arc) for his election bid, dated March 6, 2012, reveals the pattern that brought his defeat. His progressed Sun at 20 Sagittarius is making a mutable grand cross in his natal chart, which directly squared his Moon in Pisces, Uranus in Gemini and Part of Fortune in Virgo. Uranus is the planet of change and upheaval, which is likely to occur when triggered by a progressed or transiting planet. This pattern will be in effect over the next couple of years, making any other attempt to run in an election also likely to be unsuccessful.

However, I'm sure that Dennis will continue to make his voice heard. What new format could he take to promote his progressive ideas? His progressed Sun in the 9th house suggests he may travel widely, be involved with educational work or perhaps a nonprofit foundation. He will likely strive to be as independent as possible and may still be seen as a lone maverick who speaks the truth as he sees it.

What do others think is Dennis' greatest legacy? What should he do after his term ends?

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  1. Comment sent by Jennifer W.:
    I hope that Kucinich will follow Jimmy Carter's lead, to set up his own foundation about ending the wars and other issues about which he is especially fervent. (After his Congressional position ends) he would be unfettered by the frustrations and limitations of working within the structure of government. He may also align with Clooney or Sean Penn in doing wonderful work for peace and prosperity for the world.