Monday, July 25, 2016

Uranus Station Upsets Democratic Convention

The changes and challenges of this convention began a day early with the forced resignation of the DNC chairman due to adverse emails that were suddenly released.  These emails confirmed what Bernie and his followers suspected all along, namely that the DNC was actively working to advance Hillary's campaign and trip up Bernie's. 

The official convention began today, July 25, at 4:19 PM in Philadelphia, PA.  The main astrology feature this week is a stationary Uranus in Aries, exact on Friday.  These stations are quite powerful in that their influence begins a couple of weeks out and then builds up in intensity until the exact date is reached.  In this case, it will be this Friday, July 29.  Then the influence gradually subsides.  Uranus is the planet of change and upheaval.  It is in the 5th house of the Convention chart, conjunct the Moon and trine Mercury. This denotes a family/team coming together under unsettling and changeable circumstances.  Mercury in Leo wants abundant self-expression.  Sanders delegates booed at Bernie when he asked them to support Hillary.  They also staged protest marches around the convention and no doubt we will be hearing them loud and clear throughout the proceedings. Uranus forms a powerful yod aspect with Jupiter and Mars, indicating the many adjustments that will need to be made during this week.  Mars in Scorpio in the Convention's 12th house shows the DNC secrets that are now coming out into the open. What more is to come?  I heard that two more email releases are planned.  Stay tuned.

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