Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Uranus/Pluto Energizes Olympic Win

     The US Olympic ice dancing team of Charlie White and Meryl Davis won the gold medal this year for their near perfect ice skating performance.  On February 17, 2014 they won with the highest score ever achieved for ice dancing.  It was truly a breathtaking performance, which was quite remarkable since it was done under a Mercury retrograde.  There were many spills and accidents taken by other competitors at the Olympics prior to the couple's appearance.
      How were they able to override Mercury retrograde to achieve near perfection?  One reason can be found in Charlie's chart, as his own natal Mercury in Scorpio is also retrograde.  It is said that individuals who have natal Mercury retrograde are the least affected by the retrograde cycle.  Another surprise is that both their charts were impacted by the transiting cardinal grand cross that has increased its influence in our skies over the past several months.  This influence will climax around April 20, 2014.
     Transiting Uranus was in a challenging exact square aspect to Meryl's Sun in Capricorn and Charlie's Mars in Libra on this fateful day, while transiting Jupiter was opposing Meryl's Sun and squaring Charlie's Mars. Transiting Pluto was conjunct Meryl's Sun and square to Charlie's Mars. The fourth leg of transiting Mars was out of orb that day.  These aspects would normally make one accident-prone or vulnerable to sudden unexpected changes. However, this couple's win is an example of how we can harness and use the energies of this intense planetary pattern to achieve our greater good.  Perhaps it was Jupiter in Cancer's harmonious trine to Charlie's five Scorpio planets that helped carry the day for them.  Meryl's Pluto in Scorpio was also being trined by that Jupiter. This Olympic win was the crowning achievement of their seventeen years of training.  Scorpio is the sign of self-mastery and the intense emotional/mental focus that brought them a deserved gold medal.
      The latest new adventure for this couple will be competing against each other on the TV show Dancing With the Stars.  This should be very interesting to watch. I'll bet their training will take them quite far so that one of them actually wins the trophy. 

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