Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mars/Pluto Brings Upsetting News for Amanda Knox

The Mars/Pluto square was exact today, bringing sudden disruption  to Amanda Knox's chart, as her trial results were overturned by Italy's highest court.  It formed a cardinal grand cross with her lunar nodes  in Aries/Libra and her Mercury/Neptune opposition in Cancer/Capricorn, bringing her back into the public eye again. The lunar nodes can be seen as points of destiny. Mars was also in aspect to Amanda's Pallas, which is an asteroid ruling justice and legal matters. In addition, Jupiter just crossed her ascendent, bringing more contacts with lawyers. Several transiting planets were clustered around Amanda's north node in Aries, which represents her highest path of growth. Aries wants to be free and independent and this ruling is a potential threat.

Changeable Uranus was also in a challenging square to her Mercury, bringing sudden and disruptive communications. It also indicates Amanda's new book, scheduled to come out in April and plans for a major TV interview. All of the upcoming lunar eclipses this year align with Amanda's chart, bringing more profound emotional changes from the continuing twists and turns of this new court ruling.  Since Saturn is transiting through her sixth house over the next few years, her health could suffer from the resulting stress. However, since Sun/Venus in Aries is also aligned with her north node, this shows that she has gained much sympathy from the public. It indicates that the eventual new court ruling will likely be in her favor.

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