Monday, February 18, 2013

Riding the Wave of Pisces Themes in the News

Today the Sun went into the sign of Pisces. As you can see from my column below, February has been awash with Pisces energy and symbolism due to the many planets now in that sign. These include Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron. The world events happening this month range from tragic to humorous.  They remind us that Pisces energies can range from the highly spiritual to the destabilizing and toxic.

The shadow side of Pisces is especially evident in the Carnival cruise incident that began with a fire on February 10.  Pisces rules oceans and most things having to do with water, including cruise ships.  The Mars/Mercury/Neptune alignment occurring in the first week of February set the stage. It stands for toxic situations, like the broken toilets that led to an overflow of sewage after the ship broke down. This incident broke out in the news on February 10, the same day that Mercury aligned with Chiron, which represents communication about a wounded vessel and its inhabitants.  The fire signs Mars and Jupiter were in a challenging square aspect that day.  As of today, the first lawsuits are being filed.

 Other events include: the Marco Rubio speech after Obama's state of the union address.  It seems that it is being remembered more for his water bottle (ruled by Pisces) incident than what he actually said. The Pope resigned recently (Pisces rules religion) due to his frail (Pisces) condition. Horse meat was found in ground beef in England (Pisces rules subterfuge).  Perhaps more to come.....

As if to counteract all this watery energy, the earth planet Saturn turned direct today.  Saturn rules structure, groundedness and matter, such as rocks. When planets station, their energies become stronger. This Saturn energy has been symbolized by the recent meteorite explosion in Russia and the near-earth asteroid.  Meteorites were also seen in California and other parts of the world.  The meteorite in Russia led to more wounding (Pisces) mainly from shattered glass.  And the month is not over yet.....

Readers, do you know of other Pisces symbolism in the news this month? 


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