Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Elizabeth Warren to Head Consumer Agency

The planetary themes show that President Obama's appointment of Elizabeth Warren will likely be both pivotal and powerful. Even though the position is said to be advisory in nature and without power, the planetary themes suggest a potential for more far-reaching influence.

Elizabeth Warren was born at the beginning of Cancer on June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (time unknown). Her Cancer sun is exactly conjunct Uranus at 0 degrees of Cancer, which is considered a world degree. People born on this world degree of the cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries will more likely become famous in their lifetimes. A Cancer sun sign is normally introverted, but when combined with Uranus, it takes on a more outward revolutionary tone. An important life mission for her is to bring about progressive innovation through initiating significant change -- to be a mover and shaker! This conjunction favorably aspects Saturn in Virgo, which rules structure and solidity. Together they form a unique destiny-oriented yod aspect with Jupiter at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Her Aquarian Jupiter is strong in this position, which shows her academic background, along with an unconventional approach and a strong sense of justice for the underdog. Her Mars/Mercury aligned in Gemini shows she can stand her own ground, while being articulate, inventive and humorous.

In synchronistic fashion, this appointment took place the day before an outer alignment of Jupiter with Uranus on September 18, which was in aspect to Elizabeth's natal sun, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. Life-changing events often occur when outer planet aspects both trigger and mirror our birth planetary aspects. Elizabeth also experienced a powerful transit of Pluto opposing her sun in 2008-09, perhaps setting the stage and awakening the potential within Elizabeth for this significant moment.

The appointment chart features Sagittarius rising, with Jupiter in compassionate and idealistic Pisces in a place of foundational strength. The sun in Virgo and Saturn aligned with the midheaven in Libra shows the potential for a solid, lasting influence. Libra is the sign of fairness and equality, with the goal of bringing a situation (our consumer protections) back into greater balance. This sun in opposition to Uranus/Jupiter likely reflects the opposition from the bankers who opposed her nomination. However, favorable Jupiter/moon and sun/moon alignments show she will likely have strong public support for her reforms.

A look at Elizabeth's chart in comparison with the US chart and Obama's chart also reveals significant planetary alignments. Amazingly, Obama's natal Jupiter is also in Aquarius at the same degree as Elizabeth's natal Jupiter, suggesting that their inner visions are in close alignment. His Venus is also aligned with her sun/Uranus, which indicates a close friendship tie and similarity of ideals. This position is also aligned with the US Venus at 2 Cancer, indicating that Elizabeth can be an important ally for Obama in helping him upgrade his economic strategy and perhaps his popularity ratings too. Elizabeth Warren could be Obama's most important appointment since he came into office.

Does Obama plan to eventually move Elizabeth into being the actual head of this agency, which would give her substantial power? Or perhaps he will appoint an agency head who will go along with Elizabeth's reforms, yet win support from the Republicans and bankers (if this is possible). The latter was said to be a main consideration for this advisory appointment. Transiting Pluto is stationing at this degree until mid-October, with all these current themes indicating a very potent pivotal time of destiny for our country.


  1. Obomma has displayed a remarkable indifference to the plight of the common person, both stateside and elsewhere i.e. Palestinians when they were getting crap bombed out of them just after Obama's election Christmas 2008.. If Warren's inner drive and Obama's correlate on the basis of Jupiter in Aquarius in their respective charts, then best look for the aspects in Warren's chart that show she's a charlatan.

  2. I think that something has prevented Obama from acting on his more progressive visions. He has been surrounding himself with more conservative people and this is one reason he has lost his main voter base. I don't believe that Elizabeth is a charlatan based on the ideas she has expressed so far and that her appointment has been endorsed by leading progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders. Let's she what she does in this position before putting any new labels on her. A person's character is not really shown through their chart anyway, as that is an aspect of free will.

  3. "something has prevented Obama from acting on his more progressive visions"

    quote of the year...

    Obama's ancestry is tainted with work in the CIA. He grew up in Chicago politics (USA home of the Mafia) and he was funded into office by big business and the banksters...

    now there were lots of ordinary USA citizens supporting his election, however he and McCain were the two choices...

    it's not like there's many options..

    and Obama's IC is close conjunct Algol.. he is being throttled.. and perhaps by his own hand...

    I wonder whether a pair of Pegasus will fly when he gets the chop next election in 2012.. the Mayan calender stuff is interesting in this context.

    cheers greg.