Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturn enters Libra on July 22

The break-up of the Gores reminds us of a new focus coming for relationships when Saturn enters the sign of Libra next month for the next couple of years. This means that our relationship patterns and structures will be in high focus during this period. Saturn's job is to let us know what is or is not working in our lives so we can live in a more authentic way. Many folks have been forming relationships or staying together for more superficial or practical reasons that have nothing to do with their life purpose. This trend will be under scrutiny in the coming years. Saturn in Libra will be requiring us to ask whether our partnership truly supports our life purpose and specifically how it does or does not do that. It will ask us to be honest with ourselves and be ready to take necessary actions even though others may disapprove or it may not be the practical thing to do.

Individuals are undergoing an accelerated rate of growth in recent years, and the intensity is likely to increase in the next couple of years. Many of us are not the same individuals we were 40, 30 or even 20 years ago, as our needs have changed dramatically. Given this amount of inner changes, would we even choose the same partner again? I believe that the success of a relationships does not depend on the length of time it lasts. Many couples come together to support each other in making certain inner changes or to do certain projects together. When these tasks are completed, the momentum to keep the relationship going may not be there. As with the Gores, partners can develop different life goals that do not support their relationship. This also happened to Richard Bach and Leslie Parrish Bach, and also Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. You can still love this person even though the structure of the relationship changes to more of a friendship. These individuals need to be supported in moving on with their lives. We will be re-examining how we can have more authentic relationships that truly support our growth in the coming two years.

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